Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mantras for Our Dreams

I believe that a personal mantra can help you through many, many challenges in life, athletic or otherwise, which is why I want to share mine with you today. First, here's the back story behind it. I am definitely a person that lives with their head in the clouds at times. Often when I daydream I think of myself going for a run at some fantastic location. Vermont country roads at the peak of autumn, along the rim of the Grand Canyon, along the wine trail in Napa...

...but my absolute favorite dream run would have to be through the Pyramids of Egypt. I just think they are so amazingly beautiful that just thinking of running there gives me a freeing feeling. Two years ago I began training for my first half-marathon and needed some help getting through those longer runs. So I would picture myself in Egypt in my mind and say to myself, "Won't stop until I touch the Sphinx." Viola...my mantra was born. Repeating my mantra whenever I feel tired or my mind toys with the idea of stopping always helps to bring me back in my run and keep chugging along to the finish. Using a mantra has helped me to realize that my body is not made of glass and that when I push myself, I can achieve great things. That realization is a powerful thing itself! How have mantras helped you achieve great things?


  1. Hi Sis,
    I think your mantra is awesome. I myself do not have a specific mantra though I'm always aware of how they can help. Perhaps I need to come up with one.

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful, Shelley. I remember Karla saying you had a passion for all things Egyptian -- that goes for photography, too!